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**If you don't take the time to read my whole profile text, please don't write to me. I can assure you that your mail will be ignored. PLEASE respect that I have a busy schedule and don't try to book me the next day or similar, you'll just be wasting your own time by trying to write to me on a short notice. I'm a cute, petite Norwegian girl in my late twenties, born and raised in Oslo, Norway. Currently living in Berlin. I have small tits and a round butt, and a really nice time glass-shaped figure. I prefer a natural look and usually wear no makeup. I'm just a normal, nice girl and more of a girl next door than a goddess. Although, I'm passionate in bed and definitely not as innocent as I look! I'm a bit kinky and there's a lot that turns me on... I'm a submissive girl who is eager to please! I'm shy and reserved but still a very good conversation partner and especially at listening. I love my life and my curious nature allows me to experience so many fun things;) I smile a lot and like to experience life as much as I can! People who know me say that I'm an incredibly nice and gentle person who care about everyone. I'm intelligent and have a bachelor's degree in language. My personality type is INFJ-T:) Personal interests and hobbies include producing music, traveling, scuba diving, singing, dancing, cooking, yoga. Westerners only. That means Europeans, Americans, Canadians, Australians. This is what I'm comfortable with, I make no exceptions. *Med meg kan du snakke norsk, mitt førstespråk! *Jag pratar också svenska mycket bra! *Я тоже говорю немного по-русски! Check your spam filter if you've sent me a message! There's a big chance that my reply has ended up there..! Please don't contact me if you're not serious. Emails like «Hey, wanna fuck tonight» will not be answered. And please don't contact me if you're looking for someone to come meet you the same day as you read this. I prefer clients to schedule at least 48 hours before. I would appreciate if you at least could write what you're interested in (outcall/incall), for how long you want to see me and suggest a time and date. It is incredibly annoying for me to have to babysit and ask all these questions to you when it should be obvious. Sexual and non-sexual activities. Massages, dinner date or similar. Just ask me what you're interested in, I'm quite flexible! Love, Nora

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