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Age: 26 Height: 177 Weight: 59
Breast: 4 European (white) Brown
Welcome. I'm Cleo. Do you find yourself drawn to confident and free-spirited women? I have a talent for pleasure. You could say I'm a hedonist, however, I find that carries certain connotations of excess. Simply, I prioritise my own pleasure in all aspects of life, not only sexual. I am an aesthete and a lover of fine things but I abhor pretension. I owe my affable and grounded approach to life to my upbringing in Australia. I am blessed to have had the privilege of travel - and at a relatively young age have acquired experiences beyond that of most people my age. I am open-minded, highly empathetic and intuitive. I am in that sweet spot between youthful exuberance and experience. As a woman of the world, I find very little shocking and encourage you to share your fantasies with me so that I can ascertain if we are compatible. Keep it succinct but don't be coy; the beauty of this little world of ours is that we can match with like minded individuals and skip the games. I myself have come to find I possess certain inclinations that fall on the dominant end of the spectrum. I often find such labels limiting, but also helpful in naming one's exact desire My style is simple and elegant. I have a penchant for all black and a preference for classic, timeless pieces. I am not the sort of person to attract the wrong kind of attention. I especially look forward to dates proceeded with dinner or cocktails. I appreciate those who prefer longer dates. I love nothing more than to let desire marinate. I can also appreciate the exhilaration of a shorter pleasure-filled rendezvous if that is more your speed. I'm quite adaptable and pride myself on my amiability to strike a connection with almost everyone that I cross paths with. Few people confuse my warmth for weakness and those that do are set straight very quickly. From you I expect the utmost respect for my profession, my body, my time and my safety. From me, you can expect the same, as well as complete discretion. If you find yourself in these words I look forward to hearing from you. xo Cleo Please be advised that I have several tattoos that have been removed from my photos to ensure my privacy

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